Novacoke Cowboys

March 13, 2075
Run Number One
Our story opened , as these things are wont to do, in a bar. More precisely it opened in an alley behind a bar. Verraco, the dwarf mwercenary, woke up in the alley covered in Mescal bottles and was pleased to find he still had his bankroll and, due to his dwarven constitution, still did not have that awakened strain of Gonorrhea that hit town a while back. Rubbing his eyeband, Veracco headed into the bar for a little hair of the dog in an attempt to clear his head and get the taste of hoooker out of his mouth. Meanwhile, a young girl calling herself Fina, had found a step up from sleeping in alleys by taking a job as a repo girl for a music dealer. Her task was to hack a van containing the musical instruments of a band that had not finished paying for those instruments and bring it to the store. In the struggle for control of the van, a passing elf was sideswiped, and followed the van, bent on an explanation and compensation. The van and elf both arrived at the music store where Razzy, the elf, found that the van contained the Etheral Talons, the band she had been going to see in concert. Fina was instructed by her employer to go with the band and get the money for their gig to cover their bill. Razzy went along to see the show. This little group found a riot in progress at the bar the band was playing, as it seems the patrons did not favor the musical stylings of Roxette and the thrashers, the ork speed metal band that had filled in at the last minute for the ethearal talons. With some timely asistance from Verraco, in the form of a flash bang grenade, the riot was quelled and the real show could begin. Verraco, Fina and Razzy were being treated to dinner for their part in putting the bar’s entertainment back on track when a an urgent message was sent out over Runner Net, an underground bulletin board for the shadow community. The message offered a reward for anybody who could come to the aid of a group of runners pinned down nearby. The three jumped on this lucrative offer and responded to the call, only to find the group in question gone, and the site meticulously sanitized. They had a brief and emotive , but not very helpful encounter with the dead runner team’s mage’s astral body, which was quite upset about that whole being dead thing, and got offered the group’s original contract by the deceased group’s fixer. The group was now tasked with finding a missing woman and returning her. Finding the deceased team’s datatrail for the job seemed a likely place to start and that meant finding the dead hackwer’s commlink. This lead them to a toxic waste disposal site in Gilroy, but not before a minor incident along the way. The team stopped to gas up , because it is really inconvenient to run out of gas as you make a hasty exit from a run, when they noticed a mitsubishi nightsky and what certainly appeared to be corporate thugs sitting in the parking lot. Two men got out of the nightsky and entered the store, whereupon they proceded to shotgun a stranger paying for his tornados at the register. General mayhem ensued as the group and the stranger, an elf calling himself Dru,dispatched the gunmen with a combination of bullets, manaballs(it turns out Razzy was a mage), and the judicious application of monofilament cutlery by Dru, who was driven to vengeance by the death of his snack food, not to mention the load of flechettes he took in the back. As is so often the case when gunplay and gas stastions meet, there was an explosion. The group escaped further injury, though Dru never got his tornados, and it was decided to leave before people arrived and asked uncomfortable questions. Finding the commlink was actually quite easy, thanks to a very accomodating toxic spirit, and some very well-fed ghouls. Once accessed the link showed that the woman they were looking for was one of over eighty pregnant women with a histoy of magic in her family who had vanished in the past few months. It also gave them a clue in the form of an address in Mountain View, an abandoned school. Our intrepid band arrived in Mountain view where they found what looked from the outside to be exactly what mapsoft said it was, an abandoned school. What mapsoft didn’t say was what a little elf girl was doing going into the abandoned school after dark. Following the girl the group found a concealed elevator that led to an underground medical facility. They also found the little girl was a toxic shaman who walked on ceilings like a spider and could control minds. This was not well received, and gecko girl went down in a hail of gunfire and a well-placed acid stream(the mage’s offer to manaball the girl in the confines of a narrow corridor being most vocally protested by the dwarf mercenary). The group was about to enter the main portion of the facility when a young boy proceded to rush at blinding speed from the other end of the corridor and attack Verraco. Incredibly strong, and agile, the boy also displayed the tenacity of a tenacity of a New Corporate Theocracy missionary when he sank his teeth into the dwarf’s face and began what could best be described as rending. Eventually, Verraco managed to bludgeon the boy to death, with the aid of some monofilament attitude adjustment by Dru and another acid stream from Razzy. Fina seqarched the facility’s computers as only she could, and found they had been wiped clean, apart from some really nasty looking black ice that wanted to play. She quickly exited the facility, and called for emergency services to come get the room full of pregnant women the found, all of whom had undergone some sort of surgical procedures on their unborn children, breathing a sigh of relief as she once again felt the resonance outside of the blacked out facility. The group got their payoff and set out to enjoy some well earned cash and to heal some nasty gunshot and bite wounds sustained in the undertaking.
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